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The Creativity Post

I am pleased to announce that I will be a regular columnist at The Creativity Post, a website dedicated to “quality content on creativity, innovation and imagination.” It was founded by Milena Z. Fisher, Elliot Samuel Paul (Barnard) and Scott Barry Kaufman (NYU). All three have a Ph.D in either psychology or philosophy, so the content is pretty awesome. They seem like great people also.

I will still write and maintain Why We Reason regularly. But when I post there, I will put a link here. My first post at TCP went up yesterday. Frequent readers might recognize it. Here is the gist:

People care about origins. A lot. The difference between a baseball used to break a record and an ordinary baseball is millions, an authentic painting and a forgery tens of millions. And your original stuffed animal versus a replacement, well, that’s priceless.

This is why Todd McFarlane paid 3 million dollars for Mark McGwire’s home run ball, why Han van Meegeren’s forgery of Vermeer’s Christ with the Woman Taken in Adultery hangs in a small gallery in Greenwich Connecticut and why two year-olds erupt into tantrums when mom tries convincing them that their new snuffed animal is same as their old one.

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  1. Congrats Sam. Well-deserved.

    January 27, 2012
    • sammcnerney #

      Thank you so much.

      January 27, 2012

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