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Voting Time And Happy Birthday

First things first. Happy Birthday to Why We Reason! Believe it or, it’s one year old. I want to thank everyone for the visits, tweets, Facebook shares, comments, emails, etc. Seriously: It’s been great.

Second, the wonderful website 3 Quarks Daily, which curates written content from around the web, is currently holding a best-of-the-web science writing contest. I have a piece nominated! Long time readers of Why We Reason might remember it from October 2011. It’s titled “Does Pinker’s ‘Better Angels’ Undermine Religious Morality?” In brief, I look at Steven Pinker’s latest book in context of religious morality.

If you have a second, please click on this link and vote for it!

Finally, as you may know, I’m now blogging full time at My blog over there is called “Moments of Genius” and it’s about the psychology of creativity. Feel free to visit. Now that I’m blogging full time for BT I’ve essentially stopped writing for Why We Reason, instead using it as a medium to promote my stuff. As a result of this shift, I’ll soon be launching, a website that will curate all of my writing, including old WWR stuff, BT pieces, articles, articles and current material. The website should be up and running soon.

Until then, I’ll see you elsewhere on the web.


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