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  1. Anonymous #

    True spiritualism or religion does not make people hate or intolerant. Human nature is complicated. Your background, how you were raised, brain washed or taught compassion from young age, your own habits or nature, your surrounding and what you are exposed to ,
    determines what kind of person you are. You wrote that one person teaches, peace, other violence, it is not this simple. Here it is not just the religion or what it teaches. It is your own personality, you offer your other cheek or you become revengfull. It all depends on your nature, not spiritualism .

    April 27, 2012
    • so true

      but your nature is formed by a combination of your genetic make-up and the effect of environment

      if at just the “right” (wrong) time you are taught to hate – you will be hard-wired to hate

      if at just the right time you are taught to try and see things in perspective – you will do so for all your life

      yet even then, when you are formed by gene and upbringing to be as liberal as might be – still you are subject to the whim of your animal nature and can turn from being “good” to “evil” in a flash

      this is the curse we bear

      but that curse is also sometimes a blessing – because it is the nature of us to survive across boundless eons – and survival across time often depends on the best in us and sometimes the worst


      April 28, 2012

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